We create 3D - design, work out products in details, drawings, prototypes.

Industrial design and design of plastic products consist of several stages. At the first stage, our specialists develop a virtual model reflecting the concept of the future product, and agree this layout with the Customer. On the second stage, detailed drawings are created on the necessary scale. The next step is 3D visualization of the product. If necessary, we manufacture a trial lot (by prototyping). If you have a drawing of the product or its electronic 3D model and you need to make a sample, we offer you to do this on our or our contractor's production capacities.

The specialists of PLASTIC HUNGARY KFT make engineering calculations of the physical and mechanical properties of the product in order to select the polymer material and construction that satisfies the operating conditions. At the same time, we select the least costly methods of manufacturing the main batch of parts or products.

The specialists of PLASTIC HUNGARY KFT also carry out analysis of the product flowing. This is very important, since in the early stages of design, the designer can identify potential problems - such as incomplete injection, visible junction lines, air traps, etc.

PLASTIC HUNGARY KFT provides the complete cycle of production preparation - from computer design to the manufacture / control of parts and process equipment, which greatly accelerates the output of a new product on the market.

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Discussion with the customer and front-end engineering design of the product
Approving the design version proposed by the customer
Working-out in details of the selected design, making design drawings
Making prototypes using 3D printing or processing plastic boards by a CNC machine with further finishing
Selection of processes and materials for manufacturing required product batches. Designing detailed drawings and mathematical models of the products for the selected technology.
WE use only modern technology and equipment
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