PLASTIC HUNGARY KFT exhibition Facuma 2018
PLASTIC HUNGARY KFT exhibition Facuma 2018

«PLASTIC HUNGARY Ltd.» — is a company that has no limits in plastic injection-moulding. We can deliver full spectrum of services!

Our competitive advantages:

  • German quality at Hungarian prices!
  • all-round the year production - 24/7 operation!
  • turnkey solutions – from idea to industrial implementation and logistics!

Our competitive advantages guarantee the following:

  • economies of scale – our production capacities in Hungary in association with well-organized logistics allow us to offer you more than a competitive price level!
  • high quality – we work exclusively with German moulding systems on highly technological Arburg German injection-moulding machines under the management of high-class specialists with 12 year experience, who are ready to solve tasks of any complexity. Our company can provide you the maximum quality of injection-moulding – based on three-stage quality control!
  • speed – our non-stop production guarantees short lead-time for order fulfillment!
  • flexibility – we are equally open to all clients and ready for any kind of projects, our quality is the only factor that does not change!
  • comfort – we provide a full spectrum of services that range from idea, drawing, trial samples to industrial volumes of production for your parts, with additional storage and transportation — we arrange everything on your behalf!

Complex solutions from «PLASTIC HUNGARY Ltd.» — truly convenient!

How can you take advantage of the complex solutions of «PLASTIC HUNGARY Ltd.»? It is very simple! We take over all the work of you!

The work cycle of your order’s fulfillment:

  1. You get in touch with us.
  2. We discuss with you the project.
  3. We prepare your project and confirm with you one of the proposed versions of your product in 3D graphics, with details and drawings.
  4. We select and purchase the raw materials in accordance with your requirements from the best world manufacturers (Covestro, Sabic, Lg).
  5. We draft, confirm and produce the moulds via our partner, «Formconsult Werkzeugbau GmbH» plant in Germany.
  6. We produce trial samples, test them and confirm the accuracy of your product against the drawings in order to get a final confirmation from you on the start of production.
  7. We produce complex high-precision parts with three-stage quality control in three shifts.
  8. We pack and stock your final products in our warehouse in accordance with your order.
  9. We offer logistic services for Europe, US and CIS – in time and within agreed terms.
  10. We service and store your moulds in order to maximize its service lifetime.

The end result of our work — defect-free parts of high complexity and precision: exactly to your needs, just in time, packed and delivered!



Our personnel has the highest qualification and work experience of more than 12 years that allows them to solve the most complex technical tasks within the shortest deadlines.


Our Arburg German injection-moulding machines with clampig force from 50 to 200 tons guarantee a constant and defect-free operation.


We select from raw materials of known world producers, which highly satisfy your inquiries and requirements to the final product.


The introduction of modern technologies allows us to secure high quality products of any complexity, with thin walls, curves and wholes, special application features and precise measurement correspondence up to 0.001 mm.


Our location is in Europe, in the Hungarian town of Debrecen, which has a direct route to most European towns – this provides excellent logistics, production accountability and competitive pricing.


Our specialists work in three shifts, 24/7 – this cuts production lead-time, gives additional control and operational reaction capability to all changes, realizes production of each complexity from each type of plastics in volumes of 6.565.000 parts in a month.


At your request we can provide additional collection, assembly and coating for your products with super concentrates and pigments with antistatic application, laser marking, add to the preparation phase chips of all size and pack.


We service the moulds of our own production.


We can accept all kinds of payment according to your convenience.


NOBI construction toy for kids

NOBI — an international brand for the production of high-quality modern construction toys for pleasure, development, education, sport and learning. NOBI company addressed us with the task to create for them a construction toy for children project. We managed to cope with this project successfully. We selected the technologies and raw materials, which contributed to the creation of the product, in according with the company policy and security requirements.


The main feature of LED-bulb housing — its special materials: plastics that compete with the physical features of metal and glass. As a result, the total consumption of LED-bulb is only 2,5-5 wt and the nominal lighting power — from 440 to 550 lumen. According to our client’s request, we initiated the production of a 6 mould set.


We were asked to produce a very modern, practical and multi-functional console for a series of IPTV sets with replaceable parts and universal material. Thanks to production optimization and our complex approach to solving hard tasks, we managed to cut the investment scale and make the product come true. We placed the module assortment in three main plastic boxes, by ensuring the individuality of each product.

LED projectors

LED energy-saving projectors are planned for lighting in highways, squares, parking lots, factories and industrial parks, train and bus stations etc. For their production we use a special vandal-proof plastics with high parameter of lightning (in opaque or transparent look).

Our long-term moulds – are the key to your product quality!

We are ready to work with your moulds, but if you do not have them – it will not affect the fulfillment of your order: we offer a full range of services, including the most complex, special know-how and experience related phase of mould creation. You need to have only a sample or product drawing – all the rest we will cover for you:

  • design and injection-moulded sample;
  • raw material selection;
  • define the optimum production rate of mould, according to your full requirements;
  • plan and produce the mould;
  • make experimented production and release a serial production;
  • provide qualified servicing of the moulds throughout its whole lifetime cycle.

Our company in cooperation with our German partner Наша «Formconsult Werkzeugbau GmbH» provides the highest quality of moulds of any complexity, in-time servicing, repair or replacement of outdated parts – within and after the warranty period.

You don’t need to worry about the quality of your products and costs related to mould repairs during your work!  

Three-stage quality control

Our production is regulated according to ISO 9001 and ISO 9014 quality assurance system. All your products go through a three-stage quality control:

Stage 1 — our specialist compares the injected product with the sample provided by you.

Stage 2 — the head of production department in «PLASTIC HUNGARY Ltd.» conducts quality check every hour.

Stage 3 — our specialists check the quality during packing.

This approach to quality control from our side allows you to accept our products without your own incoming checkout!

This approach to quality control from our side allows you to accept our products without your own incoming checkout!

«PLASTIC HUNGARY Ltd.» — represents maximum professionalism: we know everything about plastic injection-moulding! If you have an idea, we will find the optimal solution how to make it true!

We deliver orders from companies of various industry sectors!

We create products with the most complicated specifications!

We provide an optimal price vs quality ratio!

We do a lot! We do it better than others!

Turn to us — and learn for yourself!

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